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Norwegian International Development Company AS

Explore opportunities in African Markets as our partner!

We all know that the situation is changing rapidly in Africa:

  • 7 out of 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa
  • Large emerging markets
  • Increasing number of investments
  • Fast growing ICT use
  • Growing need for power and energy
  • Etc.etc.


The potential seems great, but many hesitate, and with good reason. Doing business in Africa is not for everyone and many apparently good ventures have stranded. Instead of going alone, both experience and research show that partnering is a key success factor. Partnering with a company that has the necessary expertise and experience could therefore make the difference between a success and a fiasco.


Norwegian International Development Company AS (NIDECO AS) is a company that is specialized in providing Sustainable Energy (SE) products and solutions in developing 

countries. Founded in 2014, it is already represented in 9 African countries, and making progress. By being specialized towards developing countries and Africa in particular, NIDECO has the expertise and experience to help other companies with ambitions in Africa. NIDECO may therefore be the right partner for you in African markets.


If interested, contact me for more information.


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Hans-Martin Førsund