Community Development via Sustainable Energy


Norwegian International Development Company AS

Community Development via Sustainable Energy and Business Training


Sustainable Energy (SE) - energy that is accessible, cleaner and more efficient — could change the situation in many rural communities, and contribute to self sufficiency and Sustainable Development.


Having studied the potential for SE in rural areas during visits, the findings indicated that many communities could be self sufficient with SE without major changes in their lifestyle. Minor changes in practices and some new equipment would suffice. Read more about the findings here.


The findings spurred the development of the 'Community Development via Sustainable Energy' concept, the project phases illustrated below. The concept is universal and replicable and can be adapted to meet the specific conditions in each community.


In communities where there is a school, an excellent solution could be to utilize the school as a centre for Sustainable Energy. It will benefit the students, the school and the community as a whole. As a consequence, the centre will contribute to Sustainable Development in the community. Read more and download the flyer below.