Combined Experience

Combined Experience

2014 - present: Entrepreneurship training and Sustainable Energy product sales and business development in a number of African countries.

2012 – present: Extensive experience on solar (PV) technology and applications ranging from small Solar Home Systems to larger installations with or without grid connection.

Training of community groups, especially the younger generations, in entrepreneurship and business modelling and related tools, with special focus on skills needed for small/medium scale start-ups. Renewable energy opportunities often used as demo cases.

2009 - 2012: Training of teachers, women, farmers and entrepreneurs on sustainable projects in Liberia. The activities provided extensive experience with training and community engagement of people in rural areas as well as experience with management of field staff.

2009 - 2013: Biogas, hydropower and rural electrification consultancy, hereunder business strategy, commercialization and internationalization.

2003 - 2009: Opening and successful development and management of a West African sales representative for a European company. The business provided experience in all aspects of doing business in West Africa.

1998 - 2008: International environmental consultancy assignments on behalf of EU Commission, IFC (World Bank), EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) and NORAD (Norwegian aid agency). The consultancy assignments resulted in extensive experience with donor organisations, project management and working in developing countries.

1992 – 2012: Electrical engineering, specializing in work related to certification of products and related inspections at production facilities and final installations. Extensive experience also in project management work, quality management and business development processes.

1989 - 1996: Advisory services at national and international levels towards the protection of the environment.

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