Core Values

NIDECO Core Values

Trust is a core value to NIDECO, and it provides guidance in all aspects of our business, including the following:

Customer Relations

Internal Resources



In Customer Relations, we build trust by providing products and solutions that contribute to a better every day life for our customers. In doing so, we listen to our customers and adapt to their needs constantly.

We build trust in our Internal Resources by investing in human resources, equipment and systems. Leadership is carried out by example, creating an atmosphere of well-being, togetherness and enthusiasm, while staying true to realities, honesty and ethics. We respect each other, accept responsibility, and stimulate to excel, while daring to be different.

We build trust with our Partners by respecting them, while expecting the same qualities from them as from our Internal Resources.

We build trust in our Finances by being cost-conscious, and striving constantly to achieve good results with small resources. In doing so, we adhere to transparency and disassociate ourselves from corruption in any form, whether direct or indirect.