Multipurpose light and phone charger
Multipurpose light and phone charger
Multipurpose light and phone charger
Anti theft roof light
Multipurpose light
Multipurpose light
Multipurpose light and phone charger
Solar kiosk
Solar system battery for hot climate
Charge controller and AC 230 V converter
Solar system on a hotel
Solar system on a home
Small Solar Home System
Solar panels
Split-pressurized flat Plate solar water heater
Pressurized flat plate solar water heater
Non-pressurized flat plate solar water heater
Split-pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater
Pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater
Non-pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater
Biogas lamp
Biogas rice cooker
Biogas generator
Biogas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit
Biogas stove (double)
Rural Biogas plant
Domestic urban Biogas plant
Small dry biomass as fuel
No smoke in operating temperature
Left over fuel can be used to improve the soil
Clean flame and 70% less fuel than traditional methods
Bio pellets production unit (home use)
Bio pellets
Bio pellets machine (professional)
Sugar cane
Bio-ethanol fermenting tanks
Reception tanks for deliveries by truck
Feeding tank
Gasification unit
Sorting and treatment plant
Near Energy system plan

NIDECO's Products and Solutions


NIDECO offers the following types of products and solutions:

Solar Energy

Solar lamps

Various types of lamps, some for stationary use and some for travelling. Some can also charge mobile phones via a USB contact. Learn more...

Solar Systems

Solar Home Systems (SHS) for 12 V DC (battery) power and Solar Residential Systems (SRS) for 110/220 V AC (regular) power. SHS are suitable for smaller homes, clinics etc, while SRS are suitable for homes, offices and larger buildings. Solar kiosks for charging phones etc. are suitable for those who want to start their own solar business ("business in a box"). Learn more...

Solar heaters

Various types of solar heaters for 'free' hot water production. Learn more...


- Small scale

Biogas plants and equipment

For rural families: To be used with different organic wastes, such as cow dung, from toilets, food wastes etc. Produces clean gas for cooking and fertilzer for farmers. The biogas digester can be built on the spot with local materials.

For urban families: Mainly for food wastes. Simple, cheap and produces clean gas for cooking and fertilzer for gardens etc. Learn more...

Clean Cooking Stoves

Family use, simple construcion, Top Lit, Upwards Draft (TLUD), Gasification technology. Recommended fuel is pellets. Recommended for replacement of charcoal stoves and simple 3 stone cooking. Promoting health (reduced soot - particulate matter), reduced deforestation and climate change. Produces bio char that can be used as fertilizer. Learn more...

Gasification System

This is a system that produces synthetic fuel (Syngas) through a chemical conversion of wood or other biomass materials. The fuel can be used in a generator for the production of power, a cooking stove or heating furnace. This system is suitable for households, farmers, businesses etc.

Learn more...


Biomass Power Plant

This power plant converts dense biomass like wood chips and nutshells into electricity and heat. It is a compact system providing 20kW of power. Learn more...

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Units that are based either on biogas or gasification technology, producing hot water (in a boiler) and using the steam from the boiler for production of el power via a turbine. High energy efficiency. Learn more...

Biofuel Production

Units that produce bio-ethanol from biomass to be used as fuel e.g. in engines.

Units that produce pellets from compacting soft biomass to be used as fuel e.g. for the biostove or a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit. Learn more...


- larger scale

"Near Energy" for hotels, resorts etc.

A containerized solution producing biogas, power, heat, charcoal and fertilizer. Suitable for hotels, resorts and housing compounds for replacing diesel generators, gas and charcoal, while getting rid of the wastes. The system can be supplemented by e.g. solar energy installations. Learn more...

Industrial and Municipal Power & Energy Plant

Suitable for plants with a lot of organic wastes, like cocoa and coffee plantations. Also here a combination of different technologies for drying, pellets production, gasification and production of power. Suitable also for turning solid municipal wastes into energy and power. Learn more...

Other Renewables (on request)

Hybrid solutions for the telecom sector

Wind/solar/bio solutions that can replace fossil fuelled generators for the mobile masts.

Hydro power systems

Different types and sizes (micro - mini), including containerized.

Various wind power solutions

In combination with production of drinking water: Containerized solution.