Micro Distillery

Micro distillery 50L - 200L working capacity

Bio-Ethanol can be produced with a micro distillery from a variety of feedstocks such as sugar cane, sugar beets, potatoes, cassava, grain, corn, wheat, straw etc.

The production of bio-Ethanol is a purely biological process, and the finished product can be used for lighting and cooking,  as well as for other technical uses, like sanitizers. With larger production volumes, it can also be mixed in fuel for engines, reducing pollution.

A micro distillery is suitable for home use, urban and rural use, small companies etc.

Typical distillation time per batch would be 3-8 hours after initial preparations. 

  • Material: stainless steel and/or red copper
  • Heating method: Steam, gas burner, wood fire or electricity

Benefits of bio-Ethanol:

  • Can be mixed in or replace diesel and petrol in engines;
  • Can be used as fuel in cooking stoves
  • Can be used for other technical purposes like sanitizers
  • Can reduce fossil fuel dependency;
  • Provides cleaner exhaust when mixed with diesel and petrol, helps saving the environment and the climate.

Technical information on request.

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