Commercial Wood Pellets Machine and Pelletation Plants

Commercial Wood Pellets Machine and Pelletation Plants

This pelletizer is designed for larger-scale pellet production.

This pellets machine uses raw materials (soft organic materials) like crushed groundnut shells, sawdust, paddy straw, wheat straw, palm husk, rice husks etc. and many other agriculture and forestry wastes.

It is suitable for farmers and professional users. with bigger waste streams.

Technical specifications

  • To adapt to a wide range of raw materials such as wood chips, leaves, straw and other biomass
  • Power rating: 90 kW to 110 kW
  • Capacities (t/h): 1-1.5; 1.5-2
  • Dimensions (mm): 1100 x 2600 x 2200, 1200 x 2990 x 2410
  • Other types of pellets machines and more technical information on request.

Commercial wood pellets machines are often part of a pelletation plant, where the biomass first crushed, then conveyed to a dryer, then further conveyed to the pellet machine, and finally cooled and packed.

Technical information on request.

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