Wood Pellets Machine

Wood Pellets Machine

This pellets machine produces wood pellets from biomass and uses a diesel engine. The raw materials (soft organic materials) are easy to obtain, like groundnut shell, sawdust, paddy straw, wheat straw, palm husk, rice husks etc. and many other agriculture and forestry wastes. The final pellets can be used for smaller power plants as well as home cooking and heating. Pellets are concentrated biomass that are easily handled and suitable for automatic feeding.

This machine is suitable for small farms and families.

Technical specifications

  • To adapt to a wide range of raw materials such as wood chips, leaves, straw and other biomass
  • Different power operating: 8 HP, 15 HP, 22 HP, 30 HP, 55 HP
  • Different pellets capacities (kg/h): 50-10, 80-120, 120-200, 160-250, 250-400
  • Dimensions (mm): 100 x 500 x 750, 1460 x 750 x 900, 1560 x 850 x 1100, 1200 x 500 x 1070, 1220 x 600 x 1000
  • Weight (kg): 180, 210, 280, 330, 410
  • More technical information on request.

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