Domestic Urban Biogas Plant

Domestic Urban Biogas Plant

This Biogas System is a Do It Yourself Kit for convenient transport and easy assembly. It comes in cardboard boxes. It is surface mounted, there is no need for digging or heavy construction. It can be assembled within 30 minutes by the customer without any training.

It is a highly efficient system in a simple 'green house', which gives you the following benefits:

  • Treats your organic wastes locally
  • Uses the biogas for cooking and electricity
  • Feeds your garden with nutritious liquid fertilizer
  • Gives you savings on your energy bill and garbage disposal fee!

It is the ultimate solution for families, small restaurants , hotels and resorts to treat their organic wastes (food waste, sewage sludge and animal manure etc.).

Technical specifications:

  • Waste capacity raw material (maximum Kg/d):
  • Food waste 25
  • Pig manure 45
  • Cow manure 60
  • Chicken manure 26
  • Human manure 32
  • Vegetable 65
  • Output: Biogas and Clean natural liquid fertilizer
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: 10°C
  • Power of biogas booster pump: 15w
  • Nominal gas pressure: 0.12bar
  • Gas Flow: ≥26 L/min
  • Size of filter (desulfurizer ): 1L
  • Weight (empty): 150 kg
  • Dimensions: 195H/156L/120W cm
  • Space of green house: 3.4m3
  • Volume of digester: 1.7m3
  • Volume of gas storage: 1.3m3

Special size products can be manufactured when ordered in Batch.

Contact your nearest NIDECO representative for further details and prices.

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