Biomass to energy

Schematic description of different gasifiers

Biomass to energy

Biomass to energy is energy derived from living, or recently living organisms, i.e. plant or animal based material. As an energy source, biomass can either be used directly via  combustion (burning) to produce heat, or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel. To understand the products and solutions in this section, it is necessary to understand the difference between the following:

  • Complete combustion, e.g. open fire with firewood and sufficient air
  • Incomplete combustion,  e.g. heating with insufficient air, causing gases (including Carbon Monoxide - CO) to be released from the biomass, like when producing charcoal. The release of gases in this process is called pyrolysis.

Gasification is the process of mixing air (Oxygen) in a controlled way with the pyrolysis, producing Syngas (synthesis gas). Syngas is a valuable gas that can be used as fuel directly (combusted) or converted into other high value products, such as liquid fuel.

The combustion of syngas results in higher temperatures (7-800 degrees) than complete combustion of biomass, and is therefore more efficient. In addition, the releases of soot (particulate matter) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) are extremely much lower. Consequently, products based on the combustion of syngas are significantly more efficient and have almost no climate change impact compared to products based on complete combustion of biomass, e.g. stoves for firewood or charcoal. Being more efficient also means that it takes less amounts of biomass to get the same amount of heat.

The technique described above can be used efficiently to provide heat and electricity, but it can also be used effeciently for treatment of wastes, whether industrial or municipal, and it is suitable in micro scale as well as in larger scale plants.

Benefits of our products and solutions:


  • are based on combustion (burning) of syngas
  • are more efficient than products and solutions based on complete combustion of biomass
  • save fossil fuels and reduce fossil fuel dependancy
  • can treat wastes in a sustainable way
  • provide clean energy
  • have no harmful emissions
  • have no negative impact on health
  • save the environment and the climate

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