Power pallet, 20 kW

Power pallet, 20 kW

(production discontinued)

The power pallet is a multi-stage gasification, in combination with a gasifier engine thermal integration, the electronic control system and waste-heat recycling. This plant is a complete biomass power plant that converts dense biomass like wood chips and nutshells into electricity and heat. It is a compact system.

You can use any agricultural and forestry waste material for this plant to provide electricity and heat, but it works best with bio pellets.

The plant support all common global voltages, 120, 208, 240, and 400 V AC and either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.The actual power produced is highly dependent on the fuel shape, size and moisture content. Solid biomass is not the consistent fuel source like we assume with diesel or gasoline. The average maximum constant output will be less than 17 kW/hour at 50 Hz and 15 kW/hour at 60 Hz.

This plant is suitable for farmers, companies, smaller hotels etc.

Technical specifications

Power rating: 15 kW@50 Hz / 18 kW@60 Hz

Biomass consumption: 1.2 kg/kWh

Max. operation: >12 hours

Start up time: 10-20 min.

Feedstock biomass: approved: bio pellets, walnut shells, softwood chips, hardwood chips, corncobs, coconut shells, palm kernel shells; not approved: coal, tires, plastic, municipal solid waste.

Moisture content: 10-30% dry basis

Size: 12-40 mm

Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 140 cm

Weight: 700 kg

More technical information on request.