D.light S300

D.light S300

The d.light S300 solar-powered lantern can charge your mobile and illuminate your home or business. The solar lamp’s unique shape allows it to be propped on the floor, angled sideways or hung overhead. This lamp is suitable for homes (families), when cooking, studying, sewing, working in the evening and for small businesses and clinics etc. It has a USB for charging devices. The battery is fully charged within 16 hours of good sunlight.

Technical specifications

  • Full battery in 4-16 hours of good sunlight
  • Separate solar panel included
  • 4-meter wire length
  • 60,000-hour life LED
  • Four light modes: bedlight (100 hrs), low (16 hrs), medium (8 hrs) and high (4 hrs)
  • Charging tips included: Nokia 2mm, Nokia 1mm, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung.

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