Great White Light

Great white light

This solar lamp is a reasonable, multifunctional lamp with a phone charger included. It can be hang from the ceiling, affixed to a beam or a fence or carried around the neck. This lamp is suitable for families (homes), when cooking, studying, repairs, for small businesses and clinics etc. The battery is fully charged within 7 hours of good sunlight.

Technical specifications

Full battery in 7 hours of good sunlight

1000 mAH high-performance, long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery

12 long-lasting bright white LED’s

1,5 Watt solar panel

Three light modes: low (90 hrs), medium (15 hrs) & high (8 hrs)

Panel comes with 5 meter cord for easy charging while aluminium frame comes whit holes on both ends for easy mounting

Panel has two outputs: one to charge the light unit and one to chare a mobile phone

Five mobile phone adapters for the most commonly used phones are included for easy charging.