A Dollar a day makes the phones Okay

A Dollar a Day Makes the Phones Okay!

The mobile phone has revolutionized Africa, making it easier for millions of people to contact their loved ones and giving access to vital information. Still, there are about 600 m in Africa without power to charge their phones, and many people thus walk for hours, even days to have their phones charged for perhaps one Dollar per charge.

The problem of lack of power is currently being disrupted by the mobile money and the Pay-as-you-go  (PAYG) Solar, which have had great success in East-Africa, and are about to revolutionize Africa like the mobile phone did. They allow millions without bank accounts get credit and make secure distant payments, making it possible to pay affordable amounts up front for PAYG Solar, powering e.g. their mobile phones.

In Ghana, one of the most easy-going countries in West Africa, the use of mobile money is picking up speed, and our market survey indicates that the timing and the location is perfect for repeating the success from East Africa with PAYG Solar.

In the "A Dollar a day makes the phones OK" project, we will rent out PAYG Solar systems for charging mobile phones in Tamale, North East Ghana. For one Dollar per day, the renters will be able to charge 25 mobile phones, for which they will get from 0.5 - 1 Dollar per charge. Included in the award winning PAYG Solar system is a management system that will give us overview of the payments and distant control with the power, which is basically what we need to provide power to millions of people who do not have power today.

If you think it would be interesting and rewarding to join us disrupting the lack of access to power in West Africa, we invite you to contact us. 

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